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Second Place – Residential

Touguinhó III House

Architect: Raulino Silva

Design Team: Photography: João Morgado


The strong slope of the topography of about 5 meters between the street and the top of the site defined the planning of the house in two floors, nevertheless it was sought that both floors had direct connection with the outside garden.

In the lower floor, which occupies half of the implantation, we have a porch that allows car parking but can also be used for other activities, like children’s parties. From this space, we have access to the laundry, to a toilet, a storage room, the technical area and to the atrium that allows access the upper floor through the stairs.

On the upper floor, we have three bedrooms faced south, one with dressing room and private bathroom, the other two have a shared bathroom. Both bathrooms have a private winter garden that allows its natural illumination and ventilation. In the posterior zone, oriented west, we have the office, the kitchen and the living room, which extend to the outside through the deck zone, connecting to the swimming pool area. In the East zone, we have the stairs and corridor with a book shelf as well as the toilet with an attached patio next to the living room.

About the house finishings, on the lower floor the walls and the flooring of the toilet and the laundry are covered with polished white marble panels. The outdoor black concrete flooring defines the house entrance and the shale gravel outlines the crawling vegetation areas.

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