2A Continental Architectural Awards 2023: Inspiring Innovation


2A magazine has been organizing the 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA) for several years under the leadership of Ahmad Zohadi, head of Organizing Committee. Awards aim to recognize exceptional projects that provoke thought-provoking questions about modern architecture and design. With the global reach of 2A magazine and the international architecture community, participants from around the world have a unique opportunity to share and promote their architectural projects that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Theme: “Innovative Contextual Architecture in the Continents”


The 2A Magazine’s 2A Continental Architectural Awards program remains a prominent platform for Innovative Contextual Architecture. It aims to highlight the ambitious and groundbreaking design projects led by the world’s most innovative architects. By focusing on innovation, sustainability, and digitalization, we celebrate those who push the boundaries of architecture to new heights. The Architecture Awards will take into account factors such as increased efficiency and innovation, determining who deserves to be at the forefront of their field and guiding the future of the architecture and design industry.


Registration Period: July 1st to Aug 10th


In our quest to discover the greatest architectural talent worldwide and identify trendsetters in terms of their work and aesthetics, we invite you to participate in this competition. For the 9th edition of the 2A Continental Architectural Awards, we encourage you to join the competition to shape the future of architecture. Register your Architecture and Design projects between July 1st to Aug 10th, and take the opportunity to present your work and receive the recognition it deserves.


Open to All Architectural Projects Worldwide


Once again, the 2ACAA is pleased to invite architectural projects from around the world to participate in the prestigious and highly regarded 2A Continental Architectural Awards. If you wish to showcase your work and gain the recognition it deserves, we welcome you to take part with your Architecture and Design projects.


The Jury and Selection Process


An influential jury panel, consisting of renowned scholars, professionals, recognized architects, creative design experts, and knowledgeable entrepreneurs, will carefully evaluate all entries. Our esteemed judges will pay great attention to design details and innovation as they vote for each entry:


  • Binke Lenhardt
  • Darcy Chang
  • David Basulto
  • Gisela Loehlein
  • Leila Araghian
  • Sandra Woodall
  • Zhang Li
  • Bahram Shirdel


Join Us in the Journey


The 9th edition of the 2A Continental Architectural Awards invites trendsetters, innovators, pioneers, modernizers, and leaders of architecture. We welcome innovative architects and designers who possess a deep understanding of contemporary global architecture, who are committed to continuous innovation, quality, and excellence. Through this initiative, we aim to bring the best projects to light and inspire the next generation.


Important Details to Remember:


Event Date: November 24th, 2023

Venue: Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, China


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