• Sharing Ideas from Various Origins
  • A Forum for International Interaction and Exchanging Theories and Practices of Architecture
  • Contextual Analysis and Studies in the Continents
  • Architectural Networking Between the Continents

2ACAA Introduction

2ACAA is that series of Architecture Awards that have been designed to recognize the significant Architectural contributions of various organizations and individuals worldwide. Inspite of being a multinational – global architecture award, 2ACAA still preserves the essence of uniqueness among all the continents. It is indeed a prestigious and unique global opportunity for architects all across the world to enrich and expand their Architectural knowledge and vision through the profound, in-depth and fascinating exchange of ideas from different parts of the world influenced by multiple cultures, customs, traditions, beliefs, inventions, themes and experiences. These Architecture Awards are a forum that facilitates professional interaction among participants about the new endeavors of the architecture world, and it’s about exploration and discussion of the major accomplishments of the Architectural Arena.

These renowned series of Architecture Awards are presented under the following eight categories

  • Religion, Civic Transportation, and Community Based Projects
  • Interior Architecture
  • Future Projects/Innovative Designs
  • Commercial (Retail & Wholesale ,Office & Business, Production)
  • Old and New (Regeneration, Restoration, Renovation, Reuse,and Adaptation)
  • Residential
  • Rural Projects, Public Spaces (including squares and streets) and Landscapes, Urban Projects
  • Public (Sport & Leisure, Education, Health, Mixed-use, Hospitability)

These continents have rich culture, history and unique and at the same time diverse and colorful architectural background, and they have tried and worked hard to preserve their own respective cultural identity and at the same time meet the demands of the contemporary challenges and requirements of modern lifestyle.
This is unique event designed to inspire an architectural dialogue among the practitioners, all in one formula participants will have the opportunity to explore topics such as: The roots and history of their architecture, the effects of culture; history; and tradition on their architecture, The evolutionary process of their architecture, reviewing as a means of assessing contemporary architecture, the use of innovative technologies and sustainable methods in architecture and urban planning.
The event will be published by 2A magazine as a recorded history of a unique cooperation and interaction between these great continents.
Meeting this goal, 2A magazine will take another step towards creating a room for all architects around the Glob to expend and enrich their vision about architecture.
Moreover, this professional interaction among Asian and European Architects will faster the following objectives and benefits:
Exchange of knowledge, experience and information in terms of general strategy and urban planning.