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Third Place
Mehrshahr Villa
Karaj, Iran

Hooman Balazadeh
Year: 2015
Firm: Hooba Design
Firm Location: Iran
Team Members: Project Manager: Mohsen Kazemianfard / Phase 2: Dariush Ghorbani / 3D illustration: Mona
Razavi / Presentation: Parima Jahangard, Atousa Shiran, Pooyeh Nouryan / Structure: Aptus Iran Company /
Mechanical & Electrical: Mr Etemadi / Supervisor: Aptus Iran Company / Furniture: Harmony Company
The main criteria was to create spaces that are closely engaged with the surrounding landscape, an
uninterrupted connection between the interior and the exterior to form a structure which becomes a
part of the site itself. A systematic organization of open and semi-open spaces was used to enhance the
presence of nature in the interior spaces. The voids in the stone pattern provide controlled overlook and
sunlight penetration. Integration of the voids and solids not only creates a consistent exterior façade, but also
provides the interior spaces with a view to the greenery and a lighter feeling of the solid façade at night.
Combination of the skylights and the transparent dividers enables sunlight penetration in vertical, horizontal,
and diagonal directions.

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