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Third Place
Jay Shir
Isfahan, Iran

Hamed Moradi Aleshtar
Year: 2016
Firm: Aleshtar Architectural Office
Firm Location: Iran
Team Members: Design Associates: Amirali pourkian, Maryam Heydari / Presentation & Graphic Associates:
Malihe Amini, Niloofar Adhamyan / Structure: Alireza Zamani / Construction: Excellent Project Management
and Construction Office (Aleshtar Office)
“Jay sheer” residential building is located in “Jay Sheer”. The design of building is based on internal relationship
with the traditional architecture of the city and at the same time is protesting against the impropriate modern
texture of the region. It well defined by isolating from the surrounding improper texture. The proper openings,
decks and yard of the building makes the interior environment. The brick texture of building is influenced
by traditional architecture at the same time it’s designed modern and minimal to be in harmony within
the modern architecture. It’s the southern façade with the dark color is the reaction against the modern
architecture of the city and its internal white bricks shows the perspectives of interior design.

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