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Special Mention, Iran

Architect:Leila Araghian, Alireza Behzadi, Sahar Yasaei

Project:Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge

Tabiat Bridge is a pedestrian bridge connecting two park, spanning over a Highway. It was designed with
an architectural approach rather than structural. With seating areas, green spaces and restaurants on it, it
is designed to be a place to stay rather than just to pass. Its curved plan slows down the users and creates
a sense of mystery about the destination. The structure is a dynamic 3 dimensional truss with two continuous
deck levels that sits on three columns becoming 3 levels. All the levels are interconnected by stairs and ramps,
providing multiple ways to experience the movement throughout the bridge from one level to another. Since
its opening, this project has become a popular public space for the city of Tehran.

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