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Special Mention, Iran

Architect:Hamid Mirmiran, Volkwin Marg

Project:Shahr-e-Aftab International Trade Fair

The Design principles of Shahr-e-Aftab International Trade Fair are a revitalization of Iranian and Islamic
Architecture’s rich fundamentals, in a modern form and to better align the development conditions of the
country with the most advanced technologies in the world. Shahr-e-Aftab have been formed in order to
meet the following targets:
1- Creating a modern and advanced international center meeting the national and regional role of the
metropolitan area of Tehran.
2- Creating a multi-functional space, catering to the various needs of the metropolitan area.
3- Presenting the economical, technical and cultural ability of the country to the world.
4- Improving the green strip around the south of Tehran.
5- Reducing the traffic issue and limiting necessary access during the exhibitions’ holding time.
Year: 2015
Firm: Naqsh,e,Jahan-Pars Consulting Engineers (NJP)& Gerkan, Marg and Partners (GMP)
Firm Location: Iran
Design Team:
NJP: Hamid Mirmiran, Farideh Saebi, Baharak Keshani, Saman Sayar, Mahmod Hasanvandi, Amin Sharafaldin, Tello Tahmasian, Daryosh
Shafaghati, Mahmod Porziaei, Nazanin Salimi, Glareh Danaei, Shahriar Ghasemi
GMP: Volkwin Marg, Hubert Nienhoff, Markus Pfisterer, Nima Ghahreman, Fariborz Rahimi Nedjat, Justin Allen, Alexander Buchhofer, Kasia
Ciruk, Yana Espanner, Stefanie Hereth, Nicole Jahn, Felix Kastner, Christian Klimaschka, Lars Laubenthal, Sebastian Lundelius, Silvia Schneider,
Katya Vangelova

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