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Dalian International Conference Center
Dalian, China

Special Acknowledgement

Wolf D. Prix
Year: 2012
Firm: COOP HIMMELB(L)AU – Wolf D. Prix & Partner ZT GmbH
Firm Location: Vienna
Team Members: Project Partner: Paul Kath (until 2010), Wolfgang Reicht / Project Architect: Wolfgang Reicht
/ Design Architect: Alexander Ott / Design Team: Quirin Krumbholz, Eva Wolf, Victoria Coaloa / Project Team:
Nico Boyer, Liisi Salumaa, Anja Sorger, Vanessa Castro Vélez, Lei Feng, Reinhard Hacker, Jan Brosch, Veronika
Janovska, Manfred Yuen,Matthias Niemeyer, Matt Kirkham, Peter Rose, Markus Wings, Ariane Marx, Wendy Fok,
Reinhard Platzl, Debora Creel, Hui-Cheng, Jessie Chen, Simon Diesendruck, Yue Chen, Thomas Hindelang, Pola
Dietrich, Moritz Keitel, Ian Robertson, Keigo Fukugaki, Gaspar Gonzalez Melero, Giacomo Tinari, Alice Gong,
Francois Gandon / Model Building: Nam La-Chi, Paul Hoszowski, Taylor Clayton, Matthias Bornhofer,Katsyua
Arai, Zhu Juankang, Lukas Allner, Phillip Reiner, Moritz Heinrath, Olivia Wimmer, Silja Wiener, Katrin Ertle, Maria
Zagallo, Logan Yuen, André Nakonz, Arihan Senocak, Rashmi Jois, Sachin Thorat, Marc Werner
Located in China’s northeastern province of Liaoning, Dalian International Conference Center presents an
unmistakable landmark which emblematizes the promising future of a harbor city of Dalian and reflects
Dalian’s tradition of being an important trade center with direct access to the sea. Opened in 2012 and
featuring a shell-shaped roof, the center hosts a multifunctional “small city within a city” with conference
and event rooms for 7,000 visitors in a total area of 117,650 m². It is not only a conference center, but also a
communication center which works on many levels – as a place where people can meet, as a presentation
space for operas, as well as a public plaza.

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