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Hai D3
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Second Place


Wael Al Awar
Year: 2015
Firm: Ibda Design
Firm Location: UAE
Team Members: Kenichi Teramoto, Yuka Takeuchi, Sho Ikeya, Takuma Fujisaki, Makoto Udagawa / Social Planner_
Cultural Engineering / Swing Design_ Case Design / Lighting_ PSLAB / Contractor_ AMBB Interiors
The Dubai Design District, the Middle East’s prime hub for local creative talent, was in need of a temporary
facility (5-year-lifespan) to house community projects and events within the artistic complex. The architects’
response was a neighborhood of containers configured not only with the influences of traditional Arabic
planning, but incorporating landscaped courtyards with natural cooling by employing custom-designed
‘wind towers’ throughout the site. This thoroughly sustainable development, with the use of clean, simple
forms and arranged with abundant breathing space, offers its users a robust yet flexible platform. It is a
place where creative professionals can embrace the dynamism of their work, and in turn, contribute to the
development and growth of the creative industry in the Middle East.

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