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second Place, Iran

Architect:Nazanin Kazerounian, Ali Sodagaran

Project:The Ab-Anbar of Divan-Khaneh Fars Province Museum of Aqua Structures

The ab-Anbar (literary: Underground Reservoir) of Divan-Khaneh (literary: Courthouse) has been built in Shiraz
between 1163-1193 AH. The main revitalization concept was the presence of water, which seemed to be
mandatory as the key concern of the project. The presence of water along the gallery would definitely
signify its importance for Iranians throughout history. A transparent floor covering was devised and fixed 10cm
above the water surface. Reflections in the water are meant to be associated with the divinity of water for
ancient Iranians. All additional structures are made of security laminated glass and stainless steel.Glass was
used in flooring to minimize the visual distortion of the original atmosphere and provide visitors with a floating
sensation over water and light.

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