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With 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and the Jungle
Himeji, Japan
Second Place

Year: 2014
Firm: Osamu Morishita Architect & Associates
Firm Location: Japan
Team Members: Kosuke Morimoto, Tsuyoshi Iwamoto, Nobutaka Tajima, Sasicha Sakdawattananon / Constructor:
Karatani corporation / Structure designer: Yoko Matsuda
This horizontal family home occupied by parents, 3 daughters and 2 dogs. The concept is for the house to
cater to each tenant’s personal space whilst emphasizing social interaction as a family. The building has
strong connection to nature and surroundings, it responds sensitively to environment and takes advantage
of site for sustainability. Internally, the arrangement of rooms centers around daughter’s south-west facing
bedrooms as concept ‘house in house’, rooms sit under a skylight allowing a view of the sky, louvres diffuse
indirect morning light. Their dogs is part of family, integrating a special-dwelling. The environmental system
optimizes bioclimatic and passive cooling to mimic experience of living with nature. Concept reflected
through visual transparency and green indoor strip and fundamentally provide home that encourages
bonding and communication between everyone in family

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