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Interior Architecture
Parsmilan Boutique
Tehran, Iran
Second Place

Babak Toosipour – Babak Nasirabadi
Year: 2015
Team Members: Structural Consultant: Mehdi Nasirabadi / Construction Supervisor:
Farzad Asadi / Electrical: Reza Tabatabayi
This project is located in Tehran, Iran. The aim was to design an interior space of a kids clothing that all other
furniture and elements of a shop merged and integrated into one spatial diagram in a simple language of
design for mental and visual tranquility for visitors and a clean and ordered space for products by using linear
modules that change in horizontal directions for different purposes, a shop with no showcase that can be
seen and specified among all other similar shops in a crowded area.
The concept was developed by asking the three question of What, Why and How so that every movement
and transformation was made by a functional reason in detail.

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