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Interior Architecture
Parsin Dental Clinic
Tehran, Iran
Second Place

Moein Jalali
Year: 2015
Firm: Moein Jalali and Partners
Firm Location: Iran
Team Members: Melika Bigdeli / Designer: Hanif Naghash / Assistant of Project Manager: Peyman Davari, Mahdi
Mohammadi, Mohammad Jalali, Mohammad
/ Civil Engineer:
Amini, Kave Sahami /
Engineer: Ali Nazmdeh / Electrical Engineer: Aras Sheykhi
We were offered a renovation project of a dental clinic with financial and time limitations.Sufficient attention
was paid to the lighting of the project for reaching a dual effect: on one hand we aimed not to disrupt
the functionality of the clinic and on the other hand we planned to create a sense of security, peace and
closeness for the patients. This project is formed through contextual approach.This conceptual design is
based on fractal order of teeth and heterotopia space.the dental clinic is a heterotopic space.In this design
the elements of Islamic architecture have been used so as to respect the indigenous culture.Functionality,
form of the objects and respect for dental patients were other side of our design in this project.

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