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Xi’an Dahua Cotton Mill Renovation
Xi’an, China
Second Place

Old and New

Cui Kai – Wang Ke Yao – Aurelien Chen – Zhang Ru Bing
Year: 2014
Firm: China Architecture Design Academy Co.Ltd
Firm Location: China
Team Members: Collaborating architects: Wang Ke Yao, Aurelien Chen, Zhang Ru Bing / Landscape designer:
Feng Jun / Executive design: China Northwest Architecture Design and Research Institute
After decades of intensive urban development in China and massive destruction strategies, this project
challenges our responsibility as architects. Our renovation strategy is to emphasize historical traces by making
them the key elements of the project. They will not only become urban landmarks, but also give an identity
to the newly created spaces while preserving the soul of the place.
This project is our proposal for a sustainable development of the Chinese City. By eliminating urban boundaries
and creating a wide variety of public spaces, the city becomes porous. It regenerates and adapts itself to
new uses and becomes multifunctional. Its dilapidated walls remind of the past and give the people a
sensitive and poetic way of experiencing their city.

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