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First Place – Old & New

SE-BÆR Art Residency

Architects: Mohsen Khazdooz . Adib Iravani . Hosein Panjehpour

Design Team: SE-BÆR Art Residency

(Se bar) art residence
Trump officially withdrew from the JCPOA in May 8, 2018.
At exactly the same period, we bought a house for demolish in the Sichan district from the center of which, the Towhid street crosses.
This one story house had a basement and a simple and small yard with a lively tree.
The route was clear. It was either signing a partnership for building a new house for investment, or keeping the building temporarily for future as savings. We, however, decided to play our part and decided to turn a deserted and unusable building into a usable place and put it back into the cycle, so that maybe we can fulfill our responsibility towards society. This would in turn mean that we can have an effect on the society and experience creating a connection and acting on it for a change from recession and repetition.
According to the analyzed needs, a special place was built for the residency of artists with the aim of interacting with the audience in one of the neighborhoods of Isfahan. Another space was selected as a platform for gaining the following experiences.
Demolition design
First, the demolition design was defined with the three scenarios of reduction, addition, preservation, further identifying the wasted spaces in the basement and the staircase to match the plan with the framework of the project.
Reduction scenario
We started the demolition design with the image we had of the design. We preserved whatever necessary while omitting anything that was in conflict with the plan of the project, including: some of the walls, rooftop stairway, stairs to the yard and basement, wardrobes, scraping the plasters until they blistered, the shell of the broken tiles, the window in the stairway, excavating the soil of the basement floor much as possible and required.
Addition scenario
We tended to everything added to the project as a living green organism which includes: the added walls, repairing the demolished parts, the new routes added by the stairways, a bridge and a ladder, necessary pillars and bars for reinforcing the building, facilities and the designed objects.
Preservation scenario
While reducing from or adding to some sections, we also preserved some of them: pointing the arch brick, flooring the floor mosaics that had come out from under the ceramics, sandblasting the ashlar and connecting the bars and the pillars.
Additionally, some of the windows, plasters, and ceilings that did not require any alterations, were preserved as they were.
Producing the material
We combined color minerals with sand, gravel, stone powder, white and black cement, while also flooring the surface after the materials were dried in order to use the new material for covering the interior and exterior walls.

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