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First Place – Future

Port of cultures

Architect: Farnaz Manzour, Mehdi Taheri

Design Team: Swap office


This site is part of the city’s history, and the existing building has been part of some important events. Based on people’s votes, they prefer to keep the building as it is; on the other hand, the city needs a new building with new programs, especially cultural ones. So how could we inject new programs into the existing building?
That’s why we decided to preserve the envelope of the existing building, put a glass box inside filled with programs. As a result, we’ve got a building with old, familiar facade .At some points, the glass box would break the wall, so that the transparency provides visual connection between the inside and out. We strengthened the envelope with a metal structure, which is also the structure for the new building. The project will enhance the visitor experience at a cultural space, creating spaces for education, dining, and social activities, while better integrating the building to the city.

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