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Third Place – Future

Nowhere ( In Search Of A Spece, A space for the presence of a place to cross )

Architect: Ahmad Saffar

Design Team: Nima Najafi- Bahar Mesbah – Niloufar Zaker

Any space or environment can be a reason for presence, and experience. Without any specific function or definition, Presence in hidden layers and having enthusiasm to walk and observe the place. An opportunity to explore places and explore in your query between space and earth and having interaction with environment. A space for nothing that is everything by itself, as a desolated and silent atmosphere of screaming. Today’s man needs indefinable spaces to find his self, which sometimes refers to the earth (materiality) and sometimes to the sky (spirituality), and man experiences living during being in the middle of this distance. The design praises the space, the plan pays attention to the hidden meaning to reach intuition or definition and cognition with the presence of human beings and dialogue with place. according to human’s nature of the experience of space, the definition of any one can be different from each other.

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