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First Place, Turkey

Architect:Semra Uygur, Özcan Uygur

Project:Born Gallipolli Peninsula HNP3 Martydoom

The victories during the battles in Gallipoli War were gained through difficult possibilities and in hard geographical
conditions. The main design principle of the project was to keep the spirit of these victories alive.
As a part of the unique environment, the martyr identities embedded into stainless steel plates are placed
parallel to the ground, reflecting the limitless sky and the nature during daytime. The different reflections of
the sun on shiny surfaces enable a moving atmosphere in the field. On the other hand, during nighttime, the
earth seems fairly to be cracked; the leaking light through the strong and plain stainless steel plates shines
through the sky and eternalizes the effort, ambition and struggle of the martyrs.

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