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Elementary School
Kumamoto, Japan
Public , First Place

Kazuhiro Kojima – Kazuko Akamatsu
Year: 2011
Firm: CAt
Firm Location: Japan
Team Members: Masato Araya, Structural Design Office Oak, Structural Design Engineer
Rather than over-determining the organization of the school, we aspired to design an accommodating and
liberating space amongst the trees in a forest to nurture a healthy environment. Louis Kahn famously said
that, “School began with a man under the tree, who did not know he was a teacher, discussing his realization
with a few who did not know they were students.” In our project, we thought of this tree as the L-shaped
wall. Each classroom would be structured by the placement of these walls, which would be distributed as
‘arbitrarily’ as possible while achieving the necessary spaces of the school. The seamless appearance of
ees and walls makes possible the wide variety of activities of the school.

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