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Saba Apartment
Tehran, Iran
First Place

Reza Sayadian – Sara Kalantary
Year: 2015
Firm: The Dynamic Continues Office
Firm Location: Iran
Team Members: Arian Spiridonoff, Anahita Vazirnezami, Vida Janavi / Construction Superintendent:
Mohammad Hossein Izadi / Presentation
Associate: Rojin Gahvarei,
Mohammad Ghaffari,Asal Karami, Ladan Pakzad /
Construction Associate:
Ashkan Farahani Saba, Tabasom Heydari,Negin Razaghi / Metalworks: Mohammad Athari
This building seeks a strong sense of place in its context. And it because this notion, it builds a firm connection
to its surroundings. SABA Apartment s presence in its context is of a dynamic kind, both inspired and influencing
its functionality affected by the resident s lifestyle. In this building the resident is an actor featuring in a scenario
written by the architect and is well-aware of his needs and lifestyle, fulfilling them in SABA Apartment. In this
building the meeting joint of outdoors and indoors is designed delicately resulting in dynamism and variety in
facade changing each time according to the resident s needs. This approach resulted in blurring the thick
border dividing inside and outside.

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