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Umbrellas by the River
Patna-Bihar, India
Urban, Rural Projects
Landscape & Public Spaces
First Place

Nishant Lall
Year: 2015
Firm: NilaA Architecture & Urban Design
Firm Location: India
Team Members: DPR Consultant: SLCPL – Sen & Lall Consultants – Patna / Landscape: Akshay Kaul Landscape (
DPR + Implementation) + Oasis Designs ( DPR stage only) / Environment Impact Assessement: Voyants, Gurgaon
Cultural Assessment: Intach – Prof. Divay Gupta, New Delhi ( Independent Review) / Safety and Crowd Modelling:
IIT Delhi – Prof.
Geetam Tiwari
(Independent Review)
Umbrellas by the River is Public space revitalization initiative at the Old City of Patna in Bihar, India. PathriGhat,
A traditional bathing ghat along the historic river Ganga was all but dilapidated between a ruin and old
temple. In 2014, as part of larger civic and urban revitalization scheme of creating new public realm along
the river, this location was taken up as a pilot site. The new public Space is a Sliver Space of 90m X 15m public
plaza and stepped platforms and viewing decks that extend to the lower reaches of the river during summer
season. The umbrellas is seen as symbolic device for creating a series of shade structures that can be used
in high summer and monsoon season when the water from the River almost reaches the top platform level.

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