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Birkha Bawari, Umaid Heritage
Jodhpur, India
Urban, Rural Projects
Landscape & Public Spaces
First Place

Year: 2009
Firm: A.MRIDUL, Architect
Firm Location: India
Team Members: Rajendra Roop Rai & Hitesh Rathore / Landscape: Kishore Pradhan, Mumbai / Contractors:
M/S Sana Constructions, Jodhpur / Excavation: RB Stones, Jodhpur
Birkha Bawari (2009) is a massive subterranean sandstone masonry step-well reservoir for harvesting about
17.5 million litres of rain-water located in Jodhpur, a water-strapped city situated on the fringe of Thar Desert
of India.
This indigenously constructed step-well is made of upended masonry vaults built of red sandstone sourced
from the site of the township in which it is located. The entire cycle from extraction of sandstone to construction
of step-well, operation and performance generates negligible carbon-footprint.
Its creation is especially significant as it is constructed using indigenous techniques by local masons, to collect
nature generated (rain) water, by help of natural energy – the gravity, for sustaining nature. And like the
ancient step-wells it also serves as a community space.

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