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First – Future (Concept) Project

Architect: ATV Arquitectos

Project’s Name: Parque en Altura Barrio 31-Ideas Contest-3° Prize

(Buenos Aires)

Project Description: The Neighborhood 31 is an urban sector that has been systematically postponed during long decades, in which there are several social issues converging: housing precariousness, lack of primary services, not enough equipment, transport, accessibility and lack of green areas.
A neighborhood that is placed in a particular point of the city of Buenos Aires, where there are strong differences in the scale of buildings and uses, with non-resolved connectivity situations. There are also main urban barriers that make all these previously mentioned processes more difficult, indeed: the actual Illia highway and the train railway.
The already constructed project named “Paseo del Bajo”, the adjustment on the Illia highway and the consequent release of a sector of about 2 km of the highway in order to develop the “Park in Height” suppose a huge opportunity towards the urban integration of this sector. The Park in Height presents itself as an important urban piece, which will totally benefit the boundary between Neighborhood 31 and the actual city, and afterwards will represent an important node in the metropolitan coastal system, also improving the connections between Puerto Madero, Retiro and Costanera Norte. Even more, analyzing the piece vertically, it will provide new paths with the Centro de Exposiciones, the Facultad de Derecho and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.
Urban Integration Strategies.
The project “Parque en Altura” is a large system of public spaces, green areas and equipment which gives place to a new urban integration with a clear connection to the city towards the accesses given in Portal 9 de Julio and Portal Padre Carlos Mujica. The Park will provide people with urban and local equipment, tending to a better relationship between neighbours, the city, and its surroundings.
On the other hand, a road integration system will be created, in order to organize and improve the existing streets, pedestrian paths, Metrobus roads, and bike-paths. A new green areas system will articulate new and old specific points not only in the Park but also in the Neighborhood 31.
The piece will be segmented in different sectors, depending on a series of nods, always taking into account social and spatial references of this new quality public space. Each sector will be clearly recognized from each other, achieving different situations and offering carefully studied equipment.

* This project won the 3° Prize participating in “Concurso Internacional a Dos Fases – Parque en Altura Barrio 31 – Retiro” following its guidelines. The contest of ideas was organized in 2018 by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires (GCBA) and the University of Architecture of Buenos Aires (FADU).

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