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First Place – Residential

Endless Horizon House

Architect: Lia Siqueira

Design Team: Felipe Siqueira


The location of the land within a privileged landscape was the determining factor for the implementation of this project.
The construction concept was to rest over plateaus and develop over axes of paths which were determined by the project’s sectorization.
Divided into specific areas, the architecture scheme consisted in open and plentiful spaces, oriented to the amplest view.
Characterized by spacious galleries, the main central axes are bathed with natural light and receive ventilation through pivoting doors.
Three blocks define this project’s use, depending on each one’s location.
The social and private sector lies under a flat roof plane, allowing for daylight to come through.
Fresh air fills the indoor areas, evidenced by the internal gardens proper of each segment.
Sliding, pivoting panels and folding doors are catalysts for cross ventilation.
Covered balconies with wooden slats extend the continuity from indoor to outdoor, creating shading zones within lit spaces.
Standing independently is the leisure sector, with its distinct lighting aesthetics pronounced by the rectilinear marking of the ceilings.
Near the native stone constructed pool, rests an open aired block, where glass covered pergolas with buriti straw gives shadow to a long concrete countertop.

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