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Common Third – Future (Concept) Project

Architect: Zhanhua Cui

Project’s Name: Urban renewal design and architectural design of 798 and Jiuxianqiao area


Project Description: We sorted out the problems of urban space, function and social life faced by the urban renewal of Jiuxianqiao area, and proceeded from the current situation, relying on the existing linear bridge system in the area to establish a new urban space system, including rail transit system and art space System, commercial space system, ecological space system, and leisure sports space system. Five space systems, with 798 as the origin of the bridge space system, radiate the entire Jiuxianqiao area to integrate the broken urban space of Jiuxianqiao area and connect the isolated areas of Jiuxianqiao area. The urban function provides a new spatial foundation for the development of the Jiuxianqiao area in a high-density environment.

At the same time, relying on the bridge space system, the abandoned power plant plot in the 798 Park is designed as a single building. The bridge space system is used to connect the negative space inside the plot, so that the urban space system can pass through the building, thereby activating the negative in the plot At the same time, the internal space of the building is better integrated with the urban space system, which provides a space foundation for the development of power plant plots.

The core problem of the Jiuxianqiao area is the separation and faults in space, function and life caused by different historical development periods. With the metaphorical meaning of the “connection” of the bridge system, the urban space of Jiuxianqiao has become a complete system from the city to the city. At the architectural level, it provides a possibility of urban space development for the development of Jiuxianqiao area.

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