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Third Place – Urban projects

Commercial sidewalk

Architect: Sedigheh Eskandarpour

Design Team: Mahsa Saeidi zadeh, Parisa Sherafati

This street with length of 2 km, so by playing with transverse lines in the flooring, the longitudinal length of the path is visually broken to shorter lengths to make it appear shorter in the eyes of pedestrians, thus encouraging users to walk longer. Due to the modern aspects of the street, the gray color spectrum has been used in the design of all the components of this street. Two types of materials in light gray and dark gray in both longitudinal and cubic dimensions create a visual variation of the path. The seating line starts at the beginning of the axis and rises in the rear seats to create spaces for sitting, then descends with a gentle slope and continues its longitudinal movement along the path. All urban furniture, including trashcans and lighting fixtures, is done in matte black to match the overall design of the space

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