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Third Place – Future


Architect: Amir reza Saheb

Design Team: Mohammad reza Aliyarinia

Bookan residential building is a 10 story tower located in northern part of Tehran with an amazing view to the city and mountains, each of its 430 square meter units has an intended 360-degree view to whole city of Tehran.
Considering the location and expectation of future residents, we were seeking for an innovative solution to provide moments of traditional lifestyle of living in villas in this new vertical tower, i.e. try to maximizing the relation between inside and outside, having sufficient light and space for nurture greenery and letting sunlight permeates to the entire apartments.
The idea which we developed for responding to all these demands, was to work with the notion of façade and its relation to mass and the way it defines the border between inside and outside. contrary to usual type of buildings, by pushing the facades inward and sticking it to the central core in a way that living spaces remained in their places, many high quality in-between spaces have been created which raise the quality of inhabitant’s life. Somehow we can say life in this apartment happens on the facades instead of behind the facades.

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