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First Place – Urban projects

Bagh e behesht

Architects: Narvan Company (Alireza Shahlaei, Mohammad Ali Mousavi, Hossein Sharifi , Vali ShisheBori)

Design Team: Narvan Company

Photography: Mousa Rabbani, Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh, Rambod gharaei kermani

We tried to redefine the concept of residential complex landscape deigning, by creating a safe and pleasant space. We believe that landscape design in such complexes, is more than just providing vehicle access to building.
Baghe Behesht Residential Complex is a luxury housing complex in one of rich districts of Tehran, Iran. It is located in a land with 85,000 sqm area .
Adaptable, flexible and developable details
Minimizing driveways and converting inner alleys to safe pedestrian walkways
Creating different levels of privacy in open spaces by altering openness, scale, vegetation and fields of view
Creating opportunities for a variety of activities such as jugging, biking, sports, playing, group activities and family gatherings
Using mostly local and domestic materials in order to save resources
Engaging the design process and details with the choice of material to avoid routineness
Using the slope of site to an opportunity to create a variety of perspectives
Preserving the existing vegetation and engaging it with the design concept
Making a productive interaction with adjacent buildings (in the fields of Form, Geometry and Texture)
Creating an integrated circulation system that welcomes, leads the way and delivers to the destinations.
Providing a continuous accessible path throughout the project to let everyone equally access each and every spot.
Creating a continuous perspective sequence that provides visual integrity and unity, in addition to some taste of curiosity.
Creating a four-season landscape by planting various types of evergreen and deciduous plants with variant shades of green.
Excluding tall and inhumane light poles and Illuminating the landscape with decorative and indirect garden lights in human scale. (Light poles are only used to lighten the driveways)

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