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Third Place – Residential

A24 Reconstruction

Architect: Ivana Lukovic

Design Team: Architectural Studio Ivana Lukovic


Apartment 24 is situated in a central Belgrade residential dwelling from 1970.
The place itself possessed great spatial potential with its 97m2 surface, partly occupying both seventh and eighth floor of the residence, yet dealing with numerous problems: two levels were connected by very uncomfortable spiral staircase, bathrooms were without natural light and ventilation, a large part of the second level space under the roof didn’t have any purpose because of inadequate height, the whole space had single orientation and the insulation was poorly performed. Moreover, the lower level was divided in a conventional manner, without visual contact with the upper one, so the general impression was of a more compact space.
A new metal construction, introduced through the reconstruction, enabled additional 13m2 of habitable space, appropriate height of the second level walkway and creation of more desirable plans for both levels. Newly created eleven roof openings brought natural light and ventilation to every single space – public, private, or auxiliary. At the first level, two transitional, in-between spaces are established, a kind of a special places with greenery, functioning either as extension of the exterior, or as a part of interior.
The entire space is conceived like a large wooden box, where birch plywood boards and walnut veneer take shape of handmade floorboards, staircase, wall paneling, divisions, pivoting panels, storage spaces and most of the furniture. Inspiration for finishing materials was drawn from the history of the dwelling – a kind of Seventies nostalgia: walnut veneer, white oiled marine birch plywood and white cement terrazzo created in situ, all evoke atmosphere of that time.
Additional insulation of external walls, proper roof insulation, triple glazed roof and façade windows, natural light, and ventilation in all spaces, together with greenery in the transitional places – all have contributed to achieving a sustainable environment of the highest standards.
This project is relevant not only for the architectural qualities, but also for the social ones. Namely, it was coordinated in three languages and supported by dedicated professionals, whose enthusiasm, international expertise and human qualities made the realization joyful and possible.

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