2A Architecture & Construction Developers Award (2ACDA 2022)

Rules, Conditions, and the procedure of the 2ACDA 2022

  • 2ACDA 2022 is a one-stage entry.
  • The Entry is open to all professional entrants, i.e., Individual developers who are involved in the fields of architecture, urban & landscape design, and multi-professional teams of developers, and builders.
  • The entries include two sheets introducing the project.
    Note: If the participant is interested to submit further images, it could be available to add them in the same PDF.
  • All projects should have been completed on or after 01 January 2012. For Future Projects/Innovative Design category entries, the design dates should not be older than 2012.
  • All Projects should have been built /located in countries of Asia in 2A Asia Architecture Award and also the same rule for other continents in 2ACAA 2022.
  • Participants can submit multiple projects under one website account, and there is no limit on the number of submitted projects.
  • Each project can be applied only to a single category of the Award. In other words, one project cannot be submitted under two different categories
  • The submission fee is €239
  • Organizing Committee holds the right to change/replace jury members.

Note 1: If you have any problem submitting your project to our website, please contact us at: [email protected]


Winners Project,

– Totally two projects will be announced on each scale.

Note: The project submission has to be done from June 1st to July 31st, 2022.

– The message of qualification of the projects will be sent to participants [via email].

– The winner’s projects will be declared at the 2A Global Architectural Festival, Dubai 2022.


Judgment Process

All the projects will be judged by the Jury board.



• The top two winners in each Award category will receive Gold and Silver medals and the award certificate, respectively.
• The award trophy will be given to the first and second places in all the categories.
• Upon Jury’s scores, there might also be some special mentions in each category.
• The special mentions will receive certificates of recognition.
• The winner projects will be published in a special edition of 2A Magazine.

Note: Two persons of each participant will be invited and hosted at the award ceremony.



Award Calendar

  • Online Registration & Submission
    June 1st to July 31st
  • Announcement of the Winners’ Projects would be done in final event on November 18th, 2022


Award Ceremony

The award ceremony will be held in Dubai, and a clip of the presentation of all the projects will be shown and winners will be also introduced, and their professional comments will be shared during the ceremony. 📢 Date of Ceremony: November 18th, 2022

Venue: Canadian University Dubai

Copyright Policy

By submitting your projects to the award website [www.2aincorp.com] you will give us (2A Magazine) the permission to publish and share your project on our website and display it at the award ceremony, on the other hand, All the information on the projects submitted to the award have been provided by the competitors (Designer and Director) and they are the copyright holder in this regard. If there is any miscount, mistake, or lack of credits regarding the project team and designers, 2A Magazine has NO obligation and the issue concerns the participants directly.

Note: All the information submitted to the magazine has been provided by the competitors- participants or architect [designer], hence, the responsibility of the third-party liability lies with the competitors.