2A Continental Architectural Awards for Asia- Oceania, Europe, Africa, South & Central America and North America (2ACAA 2020)– Paying Accolades to Innovative Architecture

The 2A Continental Architectural Awards was established to honour and celebrate the achievements in architecture and Urban Design. Founded by Ahmad Zohadi and organised by 2A magazine and 2A Academy of Innovative Ideas in Architecture, the 2ACAA 2020 endorses the appreciation of architecture, far and wide, all over the world. Despite the young age of the Award, we have rapidly established ourselves as one of the most significant award programs through our creative, innovative, and pioneering list of winners and distinguished panel of judges. The 2ACAA has been a significant organization dedicated to identifying and acknowledging innovative and future-sensitive designs globally.

Been a year of pandemic Covid-19 we strived and managed the awards successfully. This year, our ambition, yet again, to recognize and reward the impressive architectural works conducted by the world’s most innovative, creative, ingenious, and devoted designers and architects. We received 131 projects from different continents for various categories under the theme Innovative Contextual Architecture in the Continents.

Our distinguished panel of judges have ensured through an automated online system that the most dedicated, imaginative, creative, and splendid architects and designers qualifies for the awards. The independent jury of experts of 2ACAA 2020 comprises esteemed members who are recognized and expert mavens in their fields of architecture, design, business, art, and culture. The jury member team included of Dr. Behram Shirdel, Donald Bates, Silja Tillner, Antoine Guiraud and Asako Yamamoto. The winners of the 2ACAA 2020 are innovative answers to contemporary architectural and design needs.

Winners 2ACAA 2020