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second Place, Japan

Architect:Takashi Suzuki, Shintaro Matsushita, Naohit Ikuta


This building is situated on the roadside lined up with banal commercial buildings. All you see are cars passing
at full speed, but no people in sight- it is typical suburban scenery. However, looking around the site, we
spotted huge and colorful billboards randomly displayed above the roadside buildings – which almost
resembled colorful and glitzy banners on a computer display – and discovered new possibilities for suburban
living unfolding behind those billboards.
Small “huts” (housing units) with different metal finishes, inspired from billboards, are built atop the office.
The huts constitute a part of a new “sky town” suddenly emerged on the rooftop, which would soon be
acknowledged by the community and become a place for community activities.

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