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second Place, Iran

Architect:Arash Heidarian, Fahimeh Montaseri

Project:J.S Bridal Maison

The design of the J. S. Bridal Maison is nothing more than a box that avoids the diversity of materials and
elements. The ceiling, made of 18,400 strings of inexpensive rope, alludes to the function and identity of the
space. A diagonal break organizes the space, directs the movement from the access door and defines a
path for exhibiting the mannequins. This break which continues through the floor, wall and ceiling together
with the form of an existing column and the ceiling, make a symbolic representation of a tree with an
adjacent river. Scenes of lovers in Persian poetry, often visualized by abstractions of fields, trees and streams,
have been inspirational to the symbolic gesture of the project.

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