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Second – Old & New

Architect: Azadeh Khaki Ghasr

Project’s Name: The Green-blue Yard: An Adaptive Reused as Student Coffeeshop in Historic District


Photographer: Cafe Hereh

Project Description: Abandoned or ruined buildings in historic districts need to return to physical health. Beyond that, they need the presence of human beings to continue the lived experience.
This is where revitalization comes achieved. In other word, Supportive think for building restoration would be the engine which move the design to understand lived experience and
without it, only the body can be set up. It may there will not be an invitation to human presence.
So, it is necessary for designers to make creative interventions in the building based on the values of the existing buildings to preserve them for Contemporary audiences while their needs and necessary standards are also considered.
In this condition, audiences encountered to rehabilitated building, don’t think they enter a museum but they get a friendly and familiar body which has values and could be responsive to contemporary needs. In this way, the manifest determines: First Rehabilitation, Then Restoration.
As Tajer Shirazi house located in Yazd, was in neighborhood of school of Art and Architecture, and the students needed a coffeeshop, and also some affordability of small yard matched by semi-open and open spaces, the activity of the small yard belonged to prepare such place for the students.
The method was increase-decrease to separate extensions of building in face and body. After that, the solutions to design problems were trying them in one-to-one scale in their real place to be examined by the context before they had been drawn in paper.
The small yard didn’t have any tree and pond. The yard could see the sky but in addition it liked to experience the taste of water in pond and some fishes in it. Also, the small yard wanted to share that quality by audiences. Therefore, the designers decided to prepare those elements for the small yard which after that, should be called ‘green-blue yard’.
Thinking about the concept of green-blue yard, helped to find suitable tiles to floor surrounding welding pond. Also, when audiences see the void which is a whole in the ceiling of ground floor, it is called that there is another rounded pond which itself is void but let us seeing the background pond.

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