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First – Urban projects

Architect:Julio Gaeta – (Gaeta-Springall Architects)

Project:Urban Forest – Linear Park Ferrocarril De Cuernavaca (Ciudad de México, MX)


The Urban Forest is a 4.5 km long park located in Mexico City in what used to be derelict railway tracks.

The project´s goal is the creation of a PLACE that enhances identity, memory, and sustainability. This is achieved by:
• Inclusiveness.
• An active program.
• The green as an omnipresent element.
• The celebration of water.
• A red line – a gesture – a use.
The park has transformed a residual space into a constantly used area. Sophisticated furniture or over designed pavements, were not part of the narrative, instead, the budget, the architectural and social context, determined an intentional austere posture.
The most important action has been the transformation of the tracks, as they have become an extension homes, outdoors.

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