Publishing the list of Candidates Project for the year 2022. Selected projects will be on the jury table and the winners will be announced on 19th November 2022 at Canadian University of Dubai, Dubai.

larma apartment
Casa Selene
Senegal School
Ghamsar Villa
Omega Resort
Luminous Minimal Refurbishment
Health Route
Bazaar (CHAP-RAST)
Sarvestan Club
Waterfall Villa
Inverted House
EDGE Suedkreuz Berlin
Rosenthaler Str. 43-45
Complex of ruined Greenhouse and Wine warehouse
The Lake Chapel San Giovanni in Val Di Lago
Re Use the Lake Chapel
Shenzhen Skypark
Songzhuang Micro Community Park
Parallel Villa
The Kaleidoscope
Barjeel Museum for Modern Arab Art in Sharjah.
Baoding Maxx Hotel
Taihu Boutique Hotel
Metaphor on the Topography
“GAP” Villa
Founding Architect
Villa Reden
Puffer Village
office and laboratory building (negar andishegan)
Eram Weekend Villa
Reminiscence Residential Complex
An Executive Jewelry Boutique ”Iranian Paradise Garden”
Kooh-han Villa
Maraajaan Gallery
Sadra Library
public building in Grodno
Atal Akshay Urja Bhawan
Corporate Office for Amara Raja
Gold Rush
Karaj theater city hall
The New Old: Targeted Rural Development Model of Abyaneh
Ak-Bulak Towers
Work Home
12th Building
The Link
HAj Enayat hill
Tohid Residential Building
White Villa
Aptus Factory Showroom
Reimagining Void Decks
Astalak Family Complex
KOOCHE Magazine Competition
Jannat Masjid
The Park of Future Generations
Residential complex Symbol
A Restoration and Adaptive Reuse Project for Nizhny Novgorod’s Pack-houses
Car and pedestrian bridge in the Green River park
Afra House
Sheikh Bahaei Building
Atin SPC Factory
Atin Book Pavilion
Khaki House
Mohtasham Kashani Commercial Complex
The Seeing House
Founder & Design Principal
Malawi Community Center
Ajman Cultural District
Zagros HQ
Dar Arab Al Sanae – Revitalizing Rural Communities
Qanawat HQ – Where the Workplace meets the garden
Casa De Montanha
Future Urban Living (Regenerative design and development of the post-industrial site of shiraz)
Green light
Amiran Residential
Cinema Topography
MIES Villa
Contemporary mosque and plaza
Homeland soldier’s memorial
Childhood House
Mika Twin Towers
YOYO’ ECORESORT: when biomimicry and well-being become one
Gooshe Café
Learak yard
Cerejeira’s Residence
Figueira’s Residence
Green Mall
Villa 58
Khaghani commercial building
Newton Glasses Gallery
Chabahar Resort
Barsin Coffee
Ferdowsi residential complex
Taghtiran Kashan Factory
Ayna Apartment
Signature Restaurant
Boomsoo Mixed-Used Center
hezar jirib
Seigiorni cafe Restaurant
knowledge bridge
Seaside Town
Sea House
Island Green House
Lipak Office
African Lego School
Shiraz Mall Complex
Tetra Food Hall
Torrente Perfume Shop
Trust Home
Ramzi Family House
Artist’s Villa
“Sarv” Residential Villa
Extended Apartment
Judo House
Designing school in the kharanagh by approaching earthenand sustainable architecture
Dr.Azizzadeh dentistry
I-kal Multi-used complex
Leo Land
Mesh Park
Downwind Residentail Apartment
Bakrajo House
Vogue Lounge
Marzdaran Garden Tower
Golestan official and commercial project
Golestan official& commercial project
Shams restaurant garden

Karizboom’s Threshold Entrance: A Mixed-use Complex at the Entrance of Karizboom (Future Garden City), Taft, Iran
White Cubes House

Dances with Shadows