2ACAA is that series of Architecture Awards that have been designed to recognize the significant architectural contributions of various organizations and individuals worldwide, 2A Annual Continental Architectural Awards [2ACAA] was founded by Ahmad Zohadi in 2015.

In Spite of being a multinational – global Architecture award, 2ACAA still preserves the essence of uniqueness among all the continents.
It is indeed a prestigious and unique global opportunity for architects all across the world to enrich and expand their Architectural knowledge and vision through the profound, in-depth and fascinating exchange of ideas from different parts of the world influenced by multiple cultures, customs, traditions, beliefs, inventions, themes and experiences.

2A Magazine as organizer of 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA) hope to achieve a broad goal. Which is bringing architecs to present their ideas, offer a forum for all architects around the Globe in order to expand and enrich their architectural vision, sharing ideas from various origins and contextual analysis and studies.

The participation of various arcitects and urban designers in this 2A continental architectural awards , who present and describe different architectural methods and viewpoints about architecture and urban designing from vaious parts of the world , helps to achieve the following advantages and objectives.

  •  Getting to know the regional strength and capabilities , and learning about the possibilities of linking it with various credible viewpoints in different parts of the globe.
  • Dialogue among architects which gives them the chance to present and share their ideas and views , and also to see the effects of their views on one another, and give them a great opportunity for better understanding of architectural space.
  • The attending Architects and Artists from various continents, gain a social and cultural understanding about one another. And furthermore the presentation of their projects at the exhibition and their participation in the  Interaction forum helps them to get better acquainted and eventually lead to more future communication and interaction.
  •  It is worthy to note that the continental architectural award is the reflection of viewpoints that helps everyone to better observe and undrestand the value of architecture and space in the geographical , cultural and economic context , and in doing independently evaluate and introduce each continet’s position and contribution to architecture and urban design.

2ACAA is a landmark and turning point allowing practitioners to pause and reflect upon what the continents, as a part of global community have achieved in the field of architecture.
These Architecture Awards is a forum that facilitates professional interaction among participants about the new endeavors of the architecture world, and it’s about exploration and discussion of the major accomplishments of the Architectural Arena.


A review of the previous posters of 2ACAA